Rainbow of Hope

Rainbow of Hope is a Cardiff based charity reaching out to the homeless and disadvantaged people including asylum seekers and refugees.

Our mission is to relieve people suffering from poverty and distress, in particular, but not exclusively, homeless people by providing or assisting in the provision of food, shelter, clothing and grants of money and also by offering support and advice to such persons.

All the work of this charity is founded on prayer. In particular it was born out of a prayer session involving two readings:

Luke 9 – the feeding of the five thousand. This encompasses the practical side of the work. Through this reading God was saying to feed people and to use no money but what we have and that he would bless it. It meant sharing their food with one another and God blessing the offering that was made.

John 21:15 – Jesus and Peter. This encompasses the spiritual side of the work. Jesus asks Peter to “feed my lambs” and “feed my sheep”. The lambs we identified are those who are outside, who don’t know anything about God or the church and may use the name of Christ only as a swear word. The sheep we identify as different people in varying churches who are vitally important to the whole work.