The Paradise Run

Our soup run takes place from 8 – 9 o’clock every night of the week. Food and drink are served to anyone in need, and not just to the homeless.

The Paradise Run is located on Charles Street, opposite the rear door of Marks and Spencers on Queen Street.

Recipients of the soup run are from varying backgrounds. Some are rough sleepers, some sleep in squats or live in hostels. Many have experienced relationship difficulties, are struggling with drug or alcohol problems or are lonely or bereaved. What they all have in common is the need for someone to stand alongside them and share their burden.

As we do this we are addressing their most basic need – to be given back their worth in Christ. As society in general sees a person going through difficulties it tends to blame the person and takes off the label which Christ puts on them when they were born. That label is “Priceless”. Society replaces this label with “useless” or “worthless”. Everyone, including you or I, has to accept their share of the guilt for ripping God’s price tickets off people.

The main focus of the soup run is therefore:
1. To feed those who are hungry
2. To be a friend
We listen to their problems and help if we can, or point them in the right direction.